Commercial to residential conversion involves changing an existing commercial property, such as an office building, into a residential property.

This process can offer a solution to the housing shortage in many urban areas while revitalizing vacant or underutilized commercial properties.

However, converting commercial premises into residential homes is subject to specific laws and regulations in the UK, and it is crucial to understand these laws before embarking on the process.

154 Unit £10m GDV Full Building Conversion from Office to Residential by JSG
Horizon House after completion of works by JSG

Laws around Commercial to Residential in the UK

Permitted Development Rights (PDR) allows for certain types of development to be carried out without the need for a full planning permission.

The UK government introduced the Class O permitted development right to facilitate the conversion of offices into residential units, thereby increasing the supply of housing.

The prior approval process is the mechanism for ensuring that the proposed conversion complies with specific requirements.

The local planning authority (LPA) reviews the prior approval application and grants permission if the proposed development complies with the requirements.

Planning Permissions and Planning Policies Research

If the proposed conversion does not qualify for PDR, the property owner needs to apply for full planning permission.

The application process involves a detailed analysis of planning policies to ensure the proposed conversion aligns with the relevant planning policy guidelines.

Conducting thorough research of different local authorities and their requirements is crucial in navigating the planning permission and planning policies stage.



    How we can help

    JSG offers a range of services for commercial to residential conversion. Our experience in the field includes successfully converting numerous office buildings into residential homes.

    We can assist with the planning permission and application process, ensuring that the property complies with planning policies and regulations.

    We can also help property owners navigate specific challenges, such as conversion of listed buildings or dealing with flood risks or relationships with local authorities.

    Previous Experience

    We have worked on several projects in the past, which include converting commercial properties into residential homes in town centers and employment centers.

    We have also helped property owners navigate specific challenges such as contamination risks, flood risks, and listed buildings.

    Our case studies highlight previous successful commercial to residential conversions.

    Commercial Buildings Can be a Great Investment

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    Understanding the laws and regulations around commercial to residential conversion is crucial.

    Converting an existing building such as an office block or other type of commercial building into a residential development for future residents involves significant changes to the existing building, including external changes and the provision of natural light and minimum space standards.

    However, commercial to residential conversion can offer a solution to the housing shortage in many urban areas.

    Our services are designed to help property owners navigate this complex process while ensuring compliance with planning policies and regulations.

    Contact us for assistance with your commercial to residential conversion project.