about JSG


Experience in the construction industry that spans three generations, JSG Design & Build was incorporated in its current form in 2018, benefitting from over 60 years of experience in what is the family business.

We operate our business in a manner congruent with our family’s values, transparency, accountability and goodwill. We invest time and resources into each and every relationship we build, an approach that has yielded a robust and enviable network of partners across our industry’s vertical chain, from international banking and finance to materials suppliers.

The pride and passion we have for our trade is reflected in the dedication to quality management and efficiency that we bring to each project we undertake. Repeat business and client referrals are the best indicators for the pedigree of a contracting company, and these are two areas from which we draw the majority of our projects.

We have invested significant resources in the infrastructure necessary to enable us to complete every project on time and at a reasonable price, always seeking to exceed our clients’ expectations and each member of our team represents a wealth of knowledge and an area of competence that work together along a shared ethos and values.

jsg design and build

JSG Design & Build is more than just a construction company. As a family business, JSG has been in the industry for three generations, and during that time, they have developed interests in several complementary subsidiary businesses.

These include a mechanical and electrical subcontracting company, a plumbing services company, a small works company that does things like home extensions and loft conversions, a lift supply, installation and maintenance company, and a glazing manufacturing and installation company.

By owning all of these elements, JSG can maintain control over supply times, costs and quality, which ensures that their clients receive the highest standards of service and product delivery. With JSG, you can be sure that every aspect of your project is carefully managed and executed to the highest possible standard.


JSG Design & Build has completed dozens of projects of all sizes in our current incarnation, as a family, we have spent 3 generations in the construction industry and have gathered the wealth of experience, affiliations, network and more that would be expected by a family run business dedicated to building trust, goodwill and partnerships that span decades.

Some of JSG Design & Build's completed projects include: